Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation of turf and landscape is almost a necessity in our region if you want your property in pristine condition. This part of our industry is ever changing. There is always new technology coming out that makes irrigation more efficient. As a property owner you should do your homework before you install a new irrigation system. In the coming years we believe there is going to be tight restrictions on when you can irrigate and for how long. It may cost a little more on the front end to install a more efficient system but it will be worth it down the road.

It is very important to apply the necessary amount of water that your plants and turf require. On the other end of the spectrum you can over irrigate to the point where the soil can’t absorb the water so it runs off or the soil gets over saturated and kills the plant materials. Irrigating your turf the same amount as your plants is hurting one or the other. Typically plants require less water than turf in the Kansas City area. With the different styles of irrigation heads on the market it is important to choose the right product for the right application. Rotor heads have a different precipitation rate than a pop-up mist head. Another big factor is what exposure the turf or plant material is exposed too. It is important that your irrigation system is separated into zones for the different exposure to the sun.

RDDS stays up to date with the new technology so we can pass that knowledge on to our customers. We proudly install Hunter irrigation products with a PVC mainline and Polyethylene lateral line. When you meet with an RDDS representative we will give our recommendation on what the best and most efficient system would be for your property.

What our clients are saying…

The Real Deal team did a great job of landscaping our yard. They worked in a professional manner and completed the project in a timely manner with a minimum of disruption and the end result was exactly as we expected. However, the most impressive aspect of the project was the landscape design. Neal Parker listened to our needs and desires then, using his creativity and expertise, developed an outstanding plan that addressed all of our requirements and exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the design, implementation and outcome of the project. I would recommend Neal and the Real Deal team to anyone.
Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you had done…everything looks great, and I’ve already given your name and number to several friends. The attention to detail, speed, and professionalism are all reflected in your work.
Leroy Levins