Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions are a very large part of any landscape. Every part of any landscape should drain the water away from structures and problem areas. A lot of time people over look these issues and that’s why a large part of our business is creating the right drainage solution for each property we work on.

The main reason we have drainage problems in the Kansas City area is due to the clay soils. Clay soils are made up of particles that are much smaller then say the particles that make up top soil. These smaller particles will expand when they get moisture, which creates almost a pond liner. This is why the soil of choice when constructing a pond is clay soil. So clay soil in the residential or commercial application is not the best unless there is a good slope to the grade. If there is a lack of slope the clay will get wet and then hold the water instead of letting drain into the ground.

There are many different ways to fix these drainage issues. There is not one set solution to fix every problem though. There are a few ways to solve drainage issues. The best fix for any drainage is fixing the grade of the soil to enable the water drain freely. This solution has the least amount of maintenance down the road. When re-grading is out of the question then we can use a pipe-in French drain or catch basins. Both these solutions can be great solutions if installed correctly. When developing a drainage solution you want to control the water that is already contained with the gutter systems on structures. It is important to use solid pipe to move the water and perforated pipe to help capture the water. Each problem needs to be diagnosed on a case by case basis. The slope of the land on the property and local codes are the major factors that determine what solution is the best.

What our clients are saying…

The Real Deal team did a great job of landscaping our yard. They worked in a professional manner and completed the project in a timely manner with a minimum of disruption and the end result was exactly as we expected. However, the most impressive aspect of the project was the landscape design. Neal Parker listened to our needs and desires then, using his creativity and expertise, developed an outstanding plan that addressed all of our requirements and exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the design, implementation and outcome of the project. I would recommend Neal and the Real Deal team to anyone.
Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you had done…everything looks great, and I’ve already given your name and number to several friends. The attention to detail, speed, and professionalism are all reflected in your work.
Leroy Levins